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Iyengar Yoga Academy Maastricht ( part of Yoga Maastricht)offers a 3-year training program (minimum 750 hours) to become a certified Iyengar yoga teacher or to deepen your yoga practice (asana and pranayama). The first two years of this training are mainly devoted to the development of your body through your own practice. In addition, you start with the development of your teaching. During the third year, more attention is paid to the art of teaching. At the start of the third year a test exam is done to determine where you stand in your practice and to prepare for the mock exam that will provide you with a recommendation for the exam later on in the year. The recommendation is required in order to be able to take part in the Introductory exam. This exam is held in Amsterdam by the examination Board of the Dutch Iyengar Yoga Association (IYVN). Information can be found on the website of the Association.

To become a certified Iyengar yoga teacher, you need to take the exam at the Association of the country where you are living.

• communicating yoga knowledge effectively;
• giving clear, succinct instructions;
• giving instructions in the appropriate order for maximum effect;
• sharpening your observation skills;
• sequencing asanas correctly;
• practicing teaching;
• adjusting students in their poses and adjusting poses in case of e.g. pregnancy,    menstruation and physical complaints;
• evaluating yourself as a teacher;
• examining teacher-student relationships and responsibilities.

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